September 28, 1976 - June 25, 2020

Jason always claimed he was a lazy man. Don’t believe it for a second. This lazy man stood on top of mountains across Europe and North America, became a beloved hospital-based pediatrician, and, when he suspected his girls might have an interest in rock climbing, built them a twelve-foot-tall climbing wall in his garage.


The one thing he and all of us were all truly lazy about was taking pictures. For those who shared his life, we know this collection of photographs, as wonderful as it is, only scratches the surface of a life shared with Jason. So many moments weren’t captured in these photos: hugs of joy, glints of sarcasm, or shrugs of “yeah sure, let’s do this thing.” We won’t have pictures of all of these small moments, but for those of us lucky enough to know Jason, these photos will hopefully bring back a few of those memories for all of us.


 If you have any pictures of Jason, please send them to  chrisestes88@gmail.com and we will get them posted quickly. Please try to include the year the picture was taken and a possibly a short description or location.


Until then, enjoy these slices of Jason’s life. He meant the world to so many people and he will be dearly missed.


Jason's colleagues at Children's Hospital Colorado have set up a GoFundMe account that will help support support Claire and Ella's future education and college funding. Brooke is the beneficiary to this campaign and will manage all donations to support the girls. The link to his page is below:



"This is at the very start of COVID -19 when everyone was fearfully navigating how to manage PPE. Of course note the look of confidence on Jason’s face and the glint in his eye- courageously going into the storm unfazed. That speaks to the colleague that Jason and was to all of us, he always had our back, he was always first to help, and he always did it with a smile, an easy confidence, and humility." -Jennifer Reese, MD

Growing up in Chicago

Cornell Days

Medical School and Beyond

French Family Photo Album